Make your ideas a reality
with codeless and
serverless technology.

With the right tools in hands,
make beeline to success and
outfox the competition.

Integrate in your workflow,
cunning solutions
and enhance reliability.

Be part of a
humming community
of bright minds.

Smart technology

Foxb™ code

Codelessdata driven development - even the code is data.
Serverlesscode is compiled - target multiple hardware architectures.
Intelligentcode maintenance is automated - a real time saver.

Target the right platform

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Responsive services

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SAAS Solutions

Our software as a service solutions allows you to express your business logic in simple terms, deploy your application in no time and anticipate your future needs by providing a highly scalable platform.

With Foxb code, expressing your business logic has never been so simple: configure your data sources, internal and externals, describe your workflow a graphical way and monitor your operations in real time.

Deploy your application to the cloud and let your users access it worldwide. Increase allocated resources in couple of clicks to garanty your users the quickest response.

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